Light Mandala – A Sound and Light Sculpture

This project was inspired by an installation we did two years earlier, “World Lotus”. Commissioned for the da Vinci Days festival in Corvallis, this time around I created original music for the show, programmed the main lighting effects (others did the lasers and the rope lights which were part of the sculpture itself).

Here’s a video recording of the show:

The music featured here is published on my album, “Moments of Inertia plus Light Mandala”, available from Apple Music and most other outlets.


Light Mandala

A Sound and Light Sculpture, presented during “da Vinci Days” in Corvallis, Oregon, July 18th and 19th, 1997.

The sculpture, erected in Central Park, evolved from a concept originating in Eastern thought – sounds and colors matching the emotional and psychic centers of the human spirit.

  • Joe Bogoger
    Master Builder
  • Jerry Foster
    Light System Master
  • Bob Richardson
    Original Musical Score, Light Ray Choreographer
  • Roger Richardson
    Technical Wizard
  • Alan St. John
    Laser Magician
  • Vince Zettler
    Creative Director and Curator


  • da Vinci Days Visual Arts Committee

With Additional Support From:

  • City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation Dept.
  • Corvallis Arts Center
  • Hollywood Lights
  • St. John Productions
  • Bob and Kitty Bunn
  • Earl Newman
  • Jim and Ruth Howland
  • Lucy Oxenhandler
  • Rick and Sonya Gretz
  • Kathi Downing and Ken Ramage
  • Jay and Trish Sorgen
  • Gary and Patsy Moss
  • Dorothy Beaton
  • Blackledge Furniture
  • Brenda Hood
  • Shonnard’s Nursery
  • Don Johnson and Sandy Hom
  • Progressive Technologies Group, Inc.
  • Dorothy Matthews
  • Rugh Electric
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